Monday, August 10, 2009

Teacher Book Bag

Have you looked at Teacher Book Bag? I just received the August PreK-K Book Bag, Seasons, Trees and Me, to review and I am very impressed! I have purchased the book bags in the past and have always liked the product, but I think I will like the new format even better. Now, the company offers 3 different levels of book bags each month. You can pick the level that best fits your child or combine levels for multiple children. They are very reasonably priced and are packed with activities. You can also purchase a year's worth at a time for the best value.

Seasons, Trees and Me has three different units. Each unit has ideas for reading, language arts, math, movement, art, booklists and more. Each section comes with suggested variations for the activities. For example, there are several different writing and cutting pages so you can choose the one that best fits your child's skill level. These variations would also be helpful for adapting materials for a child with special needs.

The seasons unit came with a story cube that you can print on cardstock and put together. The cube can be used for several activities for the books on the list such as " What do you wear?, "Find this in the story," etc. I really like the story cube idea! I'll post more when we have delved further into the book bag. Can't wait to try out the seasons graph and tree art with Ds!

If you are looking for units that you can pull out and do with a minimum of prep, lots of variety and engaging activities, then check out the monthly book bags from Teacher Book Bag.