Saturday, February 14, 2009

Space Lapbook

A16 was really proud about the tabbed book on planets that we made. We also made a smaller book for other vocabulary. I found instructions here on how to make one.

A16 chose space and planets for a unit study this past fall. We took about 6 weeks to cover the unit and read many non-fiction books from the library. We used most of the components from Evan Moor's Science Works for Kids: Exploring Space. It has mini books, experiments, and projects.
Other components were taken from Home School Share. Squidoo also has a lense with lots of space and planet resources. This blog has pictures and links for a space lapbook. Enchanted Learning also has space and planet resources. Click on the link in my sidebar.

We read lots of great non-fiction books for this unit. One that A16 especially liked was DK Eye Know Space. Other good selections include: My Book of Planets ( Scholastic board book), Exploring the Planets in Our Solar System and Dr. Seuss There's No Place Like Space. Magic Tree House Research Guide : Space is also a fabulous book. A16 seems to like the research guides more than the fiction books in the MTH series.

Although this was a long unit, A16 really enjoyed it and wanted to read space books everyday!


  1. Great blog! Bryant and I may refer back to it as Bryant is also home-schooled and you have some great ideas !

  2. I stumbled across your blog ... I homeschool my children, too. I had to tell you that is this a wonderful lapbook. My daughter wants to learn about space, and I think we are going to borrow some of your WONDERFUL ideas!! :0) Thanks so much.