Friday, March 13, 2009


We started a new math curriculum this year called Touchmath. It is a multisenory math program that I hope will help A17. He can identify numbers but is still working on number concepts ie 2 means these two items. It uses a tapping or touching method to help kids learn their numbers. You then move on to addition, substraction, multiplications and division. We will only be focused on counting and maybe basic single digit addition--depending on how this goes. I made up a binder with practice sheets in page protectors to make then last longer.
We use dry erase markers to tap and color the dots. So far A17 is really liking the tapping and the markers! LOL Erasing is fun too! We are doing tapping verus touching since it's easier for A17's fine motor.

We are starting with the basic number sheet and an open dot for tapping/coloring.
Then you progress to another item represetning the dots, and finally no dots. You tap in a particular order for each number.

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