Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weather/Calendar board

I made a weather/calendar board for A17 using familar boardmaker pictures. I used a cheap clipboard from the dollar store. I used a clipboard instead of cardstock so it would be sturdy when trying to velcro the picture. For other boards I have used inexpensive white boards to velcro pictures.
We are mostly focusing on day of the week and not the number. He especially likes to do the weather! Every morning the first thing he wants me to do is open the curtains so he can see outside.

He picks from a choice of 2 or 3 pictures when we do the board. For the I am statement, this means describe how I am feeling. This is a tough concept for many kids with special needs. For seasons, we also have an interactive book where he needs to put pictures under the proper season.


  1. Hello~ I was wondering where did you get your HSS button? I have one for the Blast but I couldn't find one for the site...

  2. It was on the site, but I see it's been replaced by the Blast. Could you just copy the picture from here and add the URL? I did that with Crafty Crow when I couldn't get the code to work right.